Why are apples so good?

Why are apples so good?

For people on a diet, apples are a great sweet treat that do minimal damage to results or the good intentions of weightwatchers. Apples are great, we know that already, but here’s a little reminder as to why?

First of all, apples do a great job on your teeth, if you eat them at the right time that is. Biting apples stimulates the production of saliva, which gets to work at fighting tooth decay. It’s better to eat them quite close to brushing teeth or when drinking something alkaline like milk however, as they are quite acidic.

Apples are brain food too, and have been shown to help in preventing Alzheimer’s. They are also great for your body’s immunity (an apple a day keeps the doctor away) and they help to prevent against Parkinson’s disease. The reason for this – antioxidants. As with most fruits, apples are packed with them and they clean out the blood and generally keep the body healthy.

That protection goes a step further too as apples are also rich in Flavonoids, which help to protect against cancer and many different types of it, including colon cancer.

When it comes to dieting they are a winner too, providing you with a sweet treat that can replace the likes of cookies of chocolate. The fibre boost helps your diet along too by making you feel full and satiated. In addition, being full of soluble fibre, apples help to control blood sugar spikes, controlling cravings and helping you to avoid feeling low in energy.

They look great, they tast great and they are great. If you have been seeking the key to healthy sweetness that does not wreck your diet, then tune into apples and make life much more delicious and healthier than you ever thought possible on a diet.

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