Why being underweight is not good either

Why being underweight is not good either

With the struggle many of us face keeping our weight down, being underweight might seem like a luxury problem. This is not the case however and balance still remains more important than ever.

Being overweight is not good, and it’s tough to get in shape when you are carrying too many kilos. Being underweight presents its own range of issues however, so if you are dieting, make sure you don’t overdo it.

Being underweight has a direct impact on your health. It hits your immunity straight on, dragging it down and making you sick. You need some reserves to fight of illness and if you deprive yourself of this, quality of life will take a hit. Energy levels will fall too, as anaemia becomes a problem, meaning you don’t have the power to do everything you would like to.

Those who are underweight are often cold too, much more than the average person is. You need to maintain a core body temperature and having enough food in your daily diet is key to this.

Parts of your body begin to suffer when you are underweight. Calcium is required for your bones, vitamins for your entire body, potassium for your heart. Without the right nutrients your body will slow down and eventually not work at all. Fertility becomes an issue too, if your body is struggling to keep you going, it simply won’t be able to support another life.

There can be no doubt that being overweight negatively impacts our lives, but there’s no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. A balanced diet, where you eat regularly and pack in the nutrition will keep you happy, healthy and slim. It really is that simple, so why complicate things? Keep it simple, enjoy your food, and your life too!

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