Why cauliflower aids weight loss

Why cauliflower aids weight loss

Even by looking at cauliflower, you can tell its a food that does not come with many calories. Not only that, this cruciferous veggie does a lot for your health too. If it’s a low cal, nutritious superfood your after, cauliflower fits the bill quite nicely.

For one, cauliflower tastes great. Put it with some low fat cheese sauce and some lean chicken and you have a fantastic meal that tastes really good and is not too naughty. It’s one of those neutral foods that goes with a lot of different things so there are so many opportunities to add it to any meal. In terms of energy, it’s low in carbs, so it does a lot to help your diet along. In addition, it’s low in fat, but the fat it has is the right stuff. Cauliflower is rich in those omega-3 fatty acids we are all after. These fats help us to respond better to insulin by boosting the amount of the hormone leptin in our body. Leptin helps to get the metabolism going and therefore help with keeping our weight in check.

Cauliflower is also high in fibre, which is the case with all vegetables. It helps to boost weight loss by helping to beat the bloat and keep your digestive and excretion systems going nicely.

This wonder veg can be used in so many different ways, it can be the carbohydrate to turn to when you are seeking to add them to a dish. If you want an alternative to potatoes or other carbs, why not add in some flowers? All you need to watch is what type of sauce you add to it. Keep it light and low calorie and you will ensure that you get the goodness of the food without hiking up the calorie count.

Good carbs? Yes there are. You can get them in cauliflower.

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