Why crash diets can’t work

Why crash diets can’t work

Crash diets can be a tempting path to take, especially if you have something coming up and want to fit into a particular dress for it. The problem is our body is designed to make sure they just don’t work.

It’s hard to have patience sometimes, you want to make changes fast and waiting around for weight to come off is so frustrating. For this reason, so many women turn to crash diets and it’s easy to see why. The intial results can be amazing and weight can literally fall off. In the long run however, your body will pull the plug on the whole thing. It does not like crash diets and will do it’s best to scupper your attempts every time.

What crash diets do is cut back on your calorie intake in a steep and sudden way, depriving your body of what it needs to keep going. Complete food groups can be taken off the daily menu, meaning that vitamin and mineral groups are skimped on. What your body will do is respond with a complete metabolic slow down, and that is the key ingredient of the famed yo-yo diet. The rate at which you burn calories will slow and it will take some work to get that back on track again. Rather than turn to the stored fat, your body will start to use muscle and water, so that fab weight loss is not going to stick around very long.

Like most achievements life, there is not really a short cut to the hard work that needs to be done. A better approach is to lose weight in a gradual way, keeping it to a half a kilo a week. The way to do so is via a healthy supply of the right food and a programme of exercise. In this way, you can get the weight down and keep it off long term. So get the results, without the suffering, and hold onto them, a better deal all round.

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