Why waiting for weight loss is not the answer

Why waiting for weight loss is not the answer

The endless wait for weight loss can be a torturous thing indeed. Watching the scales and checking the mirror constantly is not a good strategy however. The trick is to get on with life and just let it happen.

Waiting for weight loss can be nothing short of a form of torture. It’s a slow process and not something that you will get to enjoy overnight. The problem with most diets is that you have to do one thing that we don’t like to do and that is to wait. Weight loss can seem like a goal that gets further away, yet if you take the waiting out of the equation, you can find it happening all by itself.

The key with weight loss is that for some people, it is more than just something you do as part of your daily life, it consitutes a complete change in lifestyle. This is how weight loss plans work for many people. Keeping an eye on what you eat and slogging your way through work outs are part of the process, but if you steer your life in a way that you don’t find yourself waiting around for the new you, the results can be amazing.

Consider your hobbies, what are they? Are they sedentary? Is there something active you have always wanted to do, but never felt you had the time or the energy? If so, now is the chance to jump on board. When you are moving around doing something you enjoy, the results occur without you even having to think about it. After a few fun mountain hikes with an interesting group of new friends, you may find the trouser size has dropped while you were busy getting out there.

If you are serious about weight loss, look beyond the calorie counts and the treadmills. Take a look at life in general. The answer has probably been hiding there all along and now is your chance to grab it.

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